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Worlds largest container ship calls into Southampton

With YA Logistics (UK) Ltd being based in the heart of Southampton docks we are used to seeing all manner of vessels pass our office windows but the sight of CMA CGM’s Marco Polo simply dwarfed every other ship.

CMA CGM’s Marco Polo calling into the Port of Southampton

She is apparently the length of 100 family saloon cars and can carry 16,000 containers!

This is the first time this vessel has ever called into the UK so its a huge bonus for the port of Southampton to have attracted such a goliath.  Container loading and shipping is a main focus of YA Logistics (UK) Ltd along with RoRo and airfreight so it is great to see the port entertain these new ‘mega vessels’.

To enable Southampton port to handle these super containers a new £150m expansion plan is under way that will see 201 berth and 202 berth combined with a reconstructed 500m long quay wall.

The Western Docks in Southampton

To go hand in hand with the expansion the port have also ordered 4 new giant quayside cranes to handle the mega vessels.

As well as the Marco Polo we have already seen Hapag Lloyds Hamburg Express and UASC’s Jebel Ali both being able to carry 13,000 containers each which helped the port exceed 1.6 million containers so far this year!

With all this expansion it can only be a good thing for companies such as YA Logistics (UK) Ltd so if you have any shipping requirements please do not hesitate to call us on 02380 339611 or see our website www.yalogistics.co.uk




Shipping a Super Yacht

YA Logistics (UK) Ltd have shipped a couple of Super Yachts this year to destinations such as Miami, the Caribbean and Genoa, however the last one arrived into the port of Southampton and so we assisted with the cleaning and mooring.

The Yacht arriving from Gibraltar

We shipped the Pershing 64 from Gibraltar to Southampton and was alongside to assist the discharge operation.

Lifting the Yacht to the water

Once the yacht had been safely discharged to the water we moved it round to our compound where we were able to lift it out and commence the cleaning operation.

Once the yacht was alongside the quay and secure we were able to lift the yacht out of the water and begin to clean the hull.  This was a delicate operation and required 2 cranes and an experienced staff but as usual the operation went smoothly and the yacht was cleaned and ready to go back into the water.

The yacht getting ready for a clean

Once the yacht had been cleaned we placed the yacht back in the water and then moved the yacht to a nearby marina where it will moored for the immediate future.

manoeuvring the yacht into place in the marina

We have shipped many yachts around the world but this was certainly the most demanding but as with all jobs we aim to do our utmost to ensure the customer is cared for.

If you have any shipping requirements please do not hesitate to call us on 02380 339611 or check out our website www.yalogistics.co.uk



Shipping a Ferrari Dino

Today we took delivery of a 1974 Ferrari Dino, a fairly rare sports car manufactured by Ferrari back in the sixties and seventies for sports cars with under 12 cylinders.

1974 Ferrari Dino arriving into Southampton

We loaded the car into a 20ft container on a beautiful sunny day in Southampton Docks.

The Ferrari waiting whilst we load a Porsche

First we loaded a Porsche 911 Turbo into a container before we loaded the Ferrari Dino.

Driving the Dino into a 20ft container

After a short period of time the Ferrari was loaded and soon secured and ready to start its journey to Japan.

If you require any shipping for classic sports cars or any other type of vehicle please call us on 02380 339611 or check out our website www.yalogistics.co.uk




Southampton No.1 for vehicle exports

A huge cash injection by car giant BMW means Southampton has now been confirmed as the country’s number one port for vehicle exports around the globe.

A spokesman for Associated British Ports, owners and operators of Southampton Docks, said: “This is great news for the city and further underlines the port’s importance not only to the local economy, but to the nation as a whole.’’ Southampton’s enviable position as the UK’s leading vehicle export centre has developed due to port workers who are highly experienced in the handling of vessels and roll on/roll off cargoes, the connections provided by all major deep-sea and short sea shipping lines calling at the docks, and specialist facilities including four dedicated, multi-storey car terminals.

With our headquarters based in Southampton Docks, YA Logistics (UK) Ltd are in a fantastic location to take full advantage of the benefits the expansions will bring including storage areas and better quay facilities for loading and unloading. 

Although we ship from all ports in the UK, Southampton is the largest and busiest RoRo port offering services all over the Globe with some of our most common routes serving America and Australia.

For all your shipping needs please contact us on 02380 339611