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In addition to shipping cars and other goods around the world by RoRo, airfreight, container and groupage we can also arrange customs clearance, NOVA, IVA Compliance and Registration. As a freight forwarder based in the port of Southampton we are perfectly situated to handle the exports and imports from the UK’s largest RoRo port and one of the largest container ports.
We have good working relationships with DVLA, DVSA, HMR&C and many of the shipping lines based throughout the UK.
If you have a query please call 02380 339611 or sales@yalogistics.co.uk

PSP Southampton Boat Show

It’s that time of year again when Southampton holds the annual PSP Southampton Boat Show bringing thousands of yachtees and would be yachtees to our doorstep.

This is the 45th time Southampton has held this prestigious show and this year 120,000 visitors are expected over the 9 days!

Numerous new boats are expected to make their boatshow debuts however old favourites such as Princess and Sunseeker will still be proudly showing their flagship models.

 Once the last boat has been packed up and the last customer has purchased their new toy the process will begin to transport these vessels to the nearest or furthest suntrap.

YA Logistics (UK) Ltd has shipped numerous superyachts and boats over the past year to sunny destinations in the Mediterranean such as Ibiza and Genoa and across the pond to Palm Beach and the Bahamas.  We even ship to countries like Finland where the sun is not quite so present.

Munson 65 Landing Craft

A Munson 65 Landing Craft we recently transported to Finland.

An Azimut and Beneteau we shipped from Genoa

The above photo shows the Azimut and Beneteau we recently shipped from Genoa.

Based in Southampton we are perfectly situated to take advantage of the PSP Southampton Boatshow however we usually ship from the Med to North Europe or the States and vice versa.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements for shipping boats or Superyachts or see our website for further information.




Shipping vehicles to Australia

For years now one of our main routes for shipping vehicles has been from the UK to Australia.

We have been shipping by Roll on Roll off (RoRo) and container to ports including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle.

Lamborghini Gallardo ready for shipping to Australia

Some of the most popular models being the Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari 360 but we’ve shipped many other models including classic Rolls Royce, 4×4’s, standard vehicles and personal imports.

Classic Rolls Royce Phantom being shipped to Sydney

We can often assist with providing information for importation into Australia and provide assistance for the permits and degassing etc.

A Motorhome being shipped to Brisbane

We have weekly services to Australia for both RoRo and container services and we can also assist with part loads and with the help of our agents in Australia we can export from Australia also.

Ferrari’s and Lamborghini at the port of Southampton being shipped to Melbourne

For any shipping requirements you may have please do not hesitate to contact us on 02380 339611 or check out our website www.yalogistics.co.uk



Worlds largest container ship calls into Southampton

With YA Logistics (UK) Ltd being based in the heart of Southampton docks we are used to seeing all manner of vessels pass our office windows but the sight of CMA CGM’s Marco Polo simply dwarfed every other ship.

CMA CGM’s Marco Polo calling into the Port of Southampton

She is apparently the length of 100 family saloon cars and can carry 16,000 containers!

This is the first time this vessel has ever called into the UK so its a huge bonus for the port of Southampton to have attracted such a goliath.  Container loading and shipping is a main focus of YA Logistics (UK) Ltd along with RoRo and airfreight so it is great to see the port entertain these new ‘mega vessels’.

To enable Southampton port to handle these super containers a new £150m expansion plan is under way that will see 201 berth and 202 berth combined with a reconstructed 500m long quay wall.

The Western Docks in Southampton

To go hand in hand with the expansion the port have also ordered 4 new giant quayside cranes to handle the mega vessels.

As well as the Marco Polo we have already seen Hapag Lloyds Hamburg Express and UASC’s Jebel Ali both being able to carry 13,000 containers each which helped the port exceed 1.6 million containers so far this year!

With all this expansion it can only be a good thing for companies such as YA Logistics (UK) Ltd so if you have any shipping requirements please do not hesitate to call us on 02380 339611 or see our website www.yalogistics.co.uk




Shipping a Super Yacht

YA Logistics (UK) Ltd have shipped a couple of Super Yachts this year to destinations such as Miami, the Caribbean and Genoa, however the last one arrived into the port of Southampton and so we assisted with the cleaning and mooring.

The Yacht arriving from Gibraltar

We shipped the Pershing 64 from Gibraltar to Southampton and was alongside to assist the discharge operation.

Lifting the Yacht to the water

Once the yacht had been safely discharged to the water we moved it round to our compound where we were able to lift it out and commence the cleaning operation.

Once the yacht was alongside the quay and secure we were able to lift the yacht out of the water and begin to clean the hull.  This was a delicate operation and required 2 cranes and an experienced staff but as usual the operation went smoothly and the yacht was cleaned and ready to go back into the water.

The yacht getting ready for a clean

Once the yacht had been cleaned we placed the yacht back in the water and then moved the yacht to a nearby marina where it will moored for the immediate future.

manoeuvring the yacht into place in the marina

We have shipped many yachts around the world but this was certainly the most demanding but as with all jobs we aim to do our utmost to ensure the customer is cared for.

If you have any shipping requirements please do not hesitate to call us on 02380 339611 or check out our website www.yalogistics.co.uk



DFSK Mini Vans

Since 2011 YA Logistics (UK) Ltd has been partnered with Vestatec Ltd shipping in DFSK mini vans from China to the UK.

DFSK is China’s 3rd largest manufacturer of motor vehicles and these vans have been shipped in to provide a more financially viable option for this type of vehicle.

DFSK Mini Van

So far YA Logistics (UK) Ltd have shipped in excess of 500 units from China utilising both container and Roll on Roll off options.

Once the vehicles have arrived into the UK we unload them into our secure compound within Southampton docks and begin the processes that are required to ensure they adhere to UK road standards including the IVA test.

DFSK Single Cab

Along with delivering the vehicles to the local VOSA test station we also arrange onward delivery to dealers within the UK as well as shipping units to the Channel Islands and other destinations.

We have currently imported single cabs, double cabs, tippers, vans and camper vans and 2013 looks set to be busier with the network of dealerships set up and stock/parts available.

DFSK Tipper

So if you are a florist, builder, decorator, food delivery service, local authority, forestry commission or other you may want to look into purchasing one of these new affordable vehicles.

Southampton City Council DFSK truck

For further information please see the DFSK website www.dfskuk.com for vehicle details or contact us on www.yalogistics.co.uk or 02380 339611 for information on any shipping requirements you may have.




Unloading American Classic Cars

Our latest devanning job had YA Logistics (UK) Ltd unloading 3 classic American Auto-mobiles from a 40ft high cube container.

The first of 3 classic cars to be unloaded

Two of the vehicles had been driven into the container with the third vehicle hanging from the top container cleats by chains assisted by a wooden frame.

These type of jobs are certainly not easy especially as the vehicles weigh so much but once the first two vehicles were removed from the container we could start building a smaller framework underneath the rear wheels to take the weight of the rear of the vehicle and stabilise the rear of the vehicle.

Once the rear wheels were stable, we placed ramps on the framework.   We then brought in a containerised forklift and carefully situated the forks under the front of the framework.  Once everything was in place we cut through the sides of the framework, removed the side panels and removed the chains holding the vehicle.

We could then gently lower the forks whilst at the same time reversing which brought the rear wheels down the ramp.

An hour later and all three vehicles had been safely and successfully removed from the container.

A 1963 Mercury Monterey

The importer arrived at the port of Southampton the next day and was extremely happy to see his purchases had arrived safe and sound.

1966 Chevy Caprice

Once the final paperwork had been signed the importer loaded up the 1966 Chevy Caprice, 1962 Ford Galaxie and 1963 Mercury Monterey and drove off up the M3.

The American Classics preparing to leave Southampton

If you require any assistance with shipping or loading/unloading containers please see our website www.yalogistics.co.uk or call us on 02380 339611



Japan to Europe – Vehicle Shipping

For well over 10 years now YA Logistics (UK) Ltd along with our partners Yuwa Shipping Co Ltd in Japan and Eukor Car Carriers have been importing Japanese vehicles into Europe.

Eukor vessel discharging Japanese cars in Southampton

With our dedicated monthly service we have shipped over 150,000 vehicles from Yokohama (Tokyo), Osaka/Kobe and Nagoya to the UK alone with many more being shipped to the continent with the main ports being Antwerp, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam.

The Morning Champion preparing for vehicle discharge

Japanese imports have been favoured by dealers and importers for many years as they generally have lower mileage, higher standard spec and much less rust than their UK counterpart.  Sports cars and 4×4/MPV’s are the most popular types of vehicles with models such as Subaru Impreza, Nissan Skyline, Toyota Estima and Mazda Bongo being the most popular.

The first Nissan R35 Skyline in the UK after being shipped by YA Logistics

4×4’s & MPV’s in Southampton

Along with cars we also ship high and heavy machinery such as tractors, excavators and dumpers.

A few excavators being discharged in the UK

We have 3 booking agents in Japan who can arrange shipments and provide information and assistance.  The contact details of these agents can be found on our website www.yalogistics.co.uk

Along with the usual vehicles we have seen a number of eye opening cars over the years coming across the water on our service.  We shipped the first Nissan R35 Skyline into the country, we have seen 1000 brake horse power drift cars as well as hearses and vehicles with body kits that beggars belief!

A Toyota Estima with a full on pimped out body kit!

Not your every day hearse

So please feel free to contact us or our agents if you have any shipping requirements from Japan to Europe.

We offer the cheapest storage in Southampton and we can also provide customs clearance and inland transportation within the UK at very competitive prices.


Shipping a Ferrari Dino

Today we took delivery of a 1974 Ferrari Dino, a fairly rare sports car manufactured by Ferrari back in the sixties and seventies for sports cars with under 12 cylinders.

1974 Ferrari Dino arriving into Southampton

We loaded the car into a 20ft container on a beautiful sunny day in Southampton Docks.

The Ferrari waiting whilst we load a Porsche

First we loaded a Porsche 911 Turbo into a container before we loaded the Ferrari Dino.

Driving the Dino into a 20ft container

After a short period of time the Ferrari was loaded and soon secured and ready to start its journey to Japan.

If you require any shipping for classic sports cars or any other type of vehicle please call us on 02380 339611 or check out our website www.yalogistics.co.uk




Shipping to Africa

One of our most popular shipping routes at the moment is UK to Africa, especially UK to East Africa.

We have a weekly service from Tilbury and Sheerness to both Mombasa, Kenya and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Mercedes Atego ready for shipping to Mombasa

We also ship regularly UK to Walvis Bay, Namibia and UK to Durban, South Africa.  We have services from UK to Luanda, Angola, Lagos, Nigeria and many other ports in Africa.  We have Roll on Roll off vessels as well a containers.

Landrover Freelander being shipped to Dar Es Salaam

Although we ship a vast majority of vehicles to Africa we also ship mining equipment to places such as Burkina Faso.  We also ship spare parts and scrap metal to Africa and our freight forwarding department can arrange to ship almost any cargo.

We ship via Roll on Roll off, Containers and Air Freight to Africa so if you have any shipping requirements please do not hesitate to call us on 02380 339611.

 Tilbury to Mombasa or Tilbury to Dar Es Salaam for cars or 4×4’s please contact Che for competitive rates.

Sheerness to Mombasa or Sheerness to Dar Es Salaam for cars or 4×4’s please contact Che for competitive rates.

Please feel free to check our website www.yalogistics.co.uk